Ordering and shipping  

Place an order

Go to the article you wish to order and click on the blue button Add to cart'. Your choice automatically ends up in your shopping basket. You can then continue shopping or view your shopping basket.
You can change or delete the number of products in your shopping basket. If you are satisfied with your products configuration, you can click on 'Finish order' in the overview.
This will redirect you to the 'checkout' page. This page consists out of 1 page with 4 simple steps. If you are already a customer of Electro-sat, you can log in via the button above and skip all these steps.
Do you have more experience ordering from a web-shop? then these steps will be familiar to you. Are you new to ordering products online? Then you can follow the easy steps listed below:


1. Invoice address


Here you enter the address where you want your product (s) and invoice to be delivered. This can be your home address but also an office, a friend or designated delivery points.
Instead of a full address you only need to fill out your postal code and house number. Your address and place of residence will be auto filled form this information. At the bottom you will find a check mark giving you the option to have your products delivered to a different address together with your invoice.

This is checked by default to your residential address.

2. Shipping


The 'Shipping' step is really easy. Did you choose delivery, or will you pick up your order in one of our stores? Besides PostNL also has the choice to be delivered via GLS. This option is there if you order a larger product such as a satellite dish.


3. Payment


Electro-Sat offers a wide range of payment options. In step 3 you will make the choice what payment option you would like to fulfil.


4. Control


In step 4 you will receive an overview of your order to your account. You may be able to make changes to the previous pages. When you click on 'Finish order', your order will be processed. Depending on your payment method, you may have to enter your credit card number.


Change order (or cancel)


Before you order you can change your order in your shopping basket. It may also happen that you have just finished your order and have forgotten something or you learn that you do not want or need the product.
This of course is no problem, you can contact us by phone on 036 20 23 023.
If the product is not yet underway, we can easily change or cancel it.
If your order is already on its way to your house, wait until it is delivered and refuse it actively at the door. Indicate to the postman that you do not want the package. After we have received the product return,
we will contact you to come to a satisfactory solution. Cancelling or an active refusal is always allowed and is completely free of charge. Have you already accepted the order? Then the shipping costs are credited to your own account.

Delivery of dishes


Would you like to order a dish and have it shipped to you as soon as possible?
Then we recommend to always opt for
GLS. This is cheaper and faster. Do you wish to choose a different delivery option? Then we cannot assure you that your products will be delivered within 5 working days. Of course you can also pick up your dish in one of our stores. Do you have any questions about delivery of dishes? Please contact us.


Shipping costs and delivery time


We offer your shipment within 24 hours, if ordered before 18:00 provided the product you ordered is in stock. Prepayment (of the complete order, including shipping costs), to be delivered within the Netherlands and Belgium.
24 hours applies from the moment of receipt of your (advance) payment.
Please note that the transfer from giro to bank (NL) can take an average of 3 business days.
After receipt it can still be 24 hours before your package is delivered.
The costs for sending and returning are credited to your account. the shipping costs are € 3.99 with advance payment per order. A cash on delivery costs € 15.50 and shipping abroad is € 15.50.

Listen below you will find an overview of the costs for clarity:
Netherlands: € 3.99
Belgium: € 3.99
Abroad: € 15.50
Cash on delivery: € 15.50

For all our products. Price, model and performance changes and typing errors are subject to a margin of error.

More Service

  • 036 20 23 023
  • info@electro-sat.nl