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  1. Amiko Satellite Finder
  2. HD-Line HD-7090S+ Satfinder
  3. Satlink WS-6922 HD Satfinder
  4. Xsarius Satfinder
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With a satfinder or digital satellite meter you can quickly find the best signal for your satellite receiver. Electro-sat has a wide selection of high-quality and affordable measuring equipment. This equipment can be used to quickly allign your satellite dish with a satellite. Electro-Sat has satfinders from well-known brands like Golden Media, HD Line, Megasat, SAB and Satlink. Depending on type and price, there is measuring equipment for the hobbyist and the professional who wants a high-end signal meter.

Electro-sat sells satellite measuring equipment that can be used to choose the best signal with the help of an easy menu and an LCD display which makes it possible for you to finetune your TV signal to get the very best reception. SAT finders from Electro-sat give you a light or sound signal when the best frequenting has been found. If you are in a dark space it won’t be a issue to get the best signal because our sat finders come with background lightning included.

We have a wide collection of budget satellite finders with pointer indication or with built-in compass and multi-boxes with high-end combi-measuring equipment, in which the signal strength and quality are shown as numerical values and graphs. Some models have a transport case with cables and accessories, a car charger and most have a silicone protective cover. Make adjusting a satellite dish east with one of the affordable satellite finders from Electro-sat.


Looking for measuring equipment? With the measuring equipment from Electro-Sat you will easily find the right signal for your satellite receiver. In our webshop you will find a wide variety of different satfinders and measuring equipment from the biggest brands. We have budget satfinders for the hobbyist or high-end signal meters for the proffesionals. On you will find satfinders from Golden Media, HD Line, Satlink and more.


With a satfinder you can easily adjust your dish. You connect a satfinder to an LNB via a coaxial cable and help you to find the right angle with your dish. Most satfinders indicate via 'beeps' or other sounds whether you are closing in on the right signal. This way, you can simply follow the sound to find the right signal. With an extensive, high-end measuring device such as the satfinder HD slim 5 you have a small screen on the device in addition to sound. On this screen, you can already see if the image you receive is correct.


At Electro-Sat you are always at the right place for your satellite questions. Here you will find a large-scale online assortment or dish items and related products. Such as HD receiversSurveillance camerasrecordersLNBs and of course measuring equipment. Do you have questions about measuring equipment such as satfinders? Not sure which satfinder meets your needs? Please contact us via email, telephone or Facebook.