What product are best suited for my needs?

It can be hard to find a receiver that fits your exact needs. Electro-Sat has a wide variety of options to choose from. A high amount of options can sometimes overwhelm a costumer with choices. You can use our filter-options to narrow these options down to an accessible amount. If you are still not exactly sure about what device you need, you can come by one of our stores spread across the Netherlands and Belgium. We understand that for our international costumers this is not always an option. This is why you can also contact us on E-mail (, leave a message on Facebook or call us on +31 (0)36 20 23 023.

More about the brands of Electro-Sat:

Electro-Sat has built great relationships with the manufacturers of our devices. We maintain close contact with these manufacturers so delivery and logistics can be handled as fluently as possible. On the top of this page you will find an assortment of brands and a list of products they offer. Each of these brands has a short description with background information so you are able to get familiar with the company you chose to buy a product from. We support all our manufacturers and the products they sell. In most cases we have been selling products from this brand for at least a few years. Electro-Sat only sells products from companies that can guarantee good quality and good costumer service.

Our assortment of brands:

Electro-Sat has a large assortment of products and brands. We have high-end receivers from top brands like Vu+. These receivers are meant for costumers who demand extreme performance and a wide variety of functions from their receiver. These receivers have 4K image quality, top of the line high performance hardware and multiple configurable tuner and hard drive options up to 8 tuners in one machine.
Electro-Sat has very reliable mid-range receivers from Zgemma and Formuler. These receivers usually also have 4K image quality support and smart-TV options (Apps, Games, Recording). These receivers are well suited for most people who require a fully equipped modern day receiver. There are many different receivers so there is a right option for any person. These receivers can record, play apps and are able to play IPTV. Electro-Sat has the right receiver for every costumer. We would be happy to assist you in making the right choice.
Mid-range receivers have different set tuner options per model. For example: DVB-C (Kabel), CVB-S (Satellite), DVB-T (Terrestrial) or a combination of different tuners. These devices are called hybrid receivers. In addition to this, there are receivers that do not have a tuner at all. These devices are only used as IPTV receivers.Our budget devices are these are affordable receivers at a reasonable quality. Our top brands for these devices are Infomir and Maxytec. Even budget devices are usually able to play media files at 4K UHD quality (2160p) however, some. These receivers are largely aimed at IPTV and have a set tuner type but rarely have additional tuner options. Additionally, these machines have IPTV and have excellent prices especially considering the amount of options and overall quality of the products. The hardware of these products is good enough to fluently play all media but not much more. All modern budget devices have multimedia options can play apps, record and pause media once a hard drive is installed. Finally, our own brand Cobra. With almost 20 years of experience as a distributor of receivers and accessories, 5 years ago we decided to build a brand ourselves. These Cobra devices are built for the average user of IPTV. Cobra receivers support 4K image quality and are available with both Android and Linux operating system. Additionally, all Cobra receivers have multimedia options like an unlimited number of apps, pause, rewind and recording options. We have received overwhelmingly positive responses to our own series of receivers and continually improve our series over time.

Personal service and good conditions:

We believe good costumer service should be the cornerstone of every company. That is why we will always try to help you in any way we can. For any questions about anything you can mail us on, call us on +31 (0)36 20 23 023, leave a message on our Facebook or come by one of our shops. We will respond to every question within 24 hours, on all days except Sunday. Our delivery times vary between different countries. Are you ordering within the Benelux, that you can expect your package within 24 hours. Within Europe it usually takes between 2 – 3 workdays for a package to be delivered. Please handle your package with care, because you can always refund the order within 14 days if you return the product in a complete state. All products we well also have at least a year of buyer’s warranty. This means that if your product breaks you will be able to send it back to us and we will repair your product for free.