About us

About us

With a with variety of choices it can sometimes be difficult to choose the product that’s right for you. We at Electro-Sat strive to help all our customers find the right products that meet their expectations and desires.
We do this by offering excellent service and sharing our experience and knowledge in the field of satellite receivers, set-top boxes and electronics.

was founded in the year 2000 and has existed for close to 20 years. The company started as a small player that sold a small assortment of products.
Now, Electro-Sat has grown into big name in the satellite world with several web-shops for both our costumers wholesale and individual needs. In addition,
Electro-Sat has
3 physical locations that also feature a wide range of products and brands to choose from.
We believe that our original business values got us to where we are. These values are quality, product knowledge, service and reliability.
With about 20 years of experience, we still prioritize these values over everything and will continue to do so in the future.

To support the growing number costumers on our web shops you can now find us at 3 physical locations in the Benelux. We have 2 shops in the Netherlands, one in Almere and one in Amsterdam.
In addition, we have
1 location in Belgium in the city of Brussels. It is important to us that you as a customer can come and visit us for information and advice while enjoying a cup of Thea or Coffee. Do you have any additional questions, comments, tips or do you just want to have a chat?
Please come by
or contact us. With us you are always welcome!

-Team Electro-sat

Electro-sat facts
Electro-sat was
founded in the year 2000.
Already more than 30,000 satisfied customers.
Offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Proud owner of the webshop quality mark
A customer satisfaction score of 9/10 on Trustpilot!