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  1. Amiko A6N MAX
  2. Amiko LX 800
  3. Arrox Platinum
  4. Blomc One IPTV set top box
    Blomc One IPTV set top box
    was €39.00 Special Price €29.99
  5. Blumenthal 4k Ultra HD OTT Mediaplayer 2 GB DDR
    Blumenthal 4k Ultra HD OTT Mediaplayer 2 GB DDR
    was €69.00 Special Price €39.00
  6. Blumenthal Master II IPTV Set-Top Box
    Blumenthal Master II IPTV Set-Top Box
    was €49.00 Special Price €29.99
  7. Edision OS Mini DVB-S2
  8. FOBEM FB-510
  9. Formuler Z+
  10. Formuler Z+ Neo
  11. Formuler Z8
  12. Golden Interstar Alpha X
  13. Golden Interstar Beta X
  14. Golden Interstar Hypro 4K Android Set-Top Box
    Golden Interstar Hypro 4K Android Set-Top Box
    was €99.00 Special Price €59.00
  15. Humax TN 8000 HD
    Out of stock
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Are you in the market to buy a new receiver? Electro-sat has digitale receivers, IPTV receivers or satellite receivers. Electro-sat has a wide arrangement of all kinds of receivers. We have IPTV ontvangers with a wide variety of specifications so there is a correct receiver for everyone . Do you want 1080p FullHD image quality? or are you ready for Ultra HD 4K? Discover the highest quality and discover top brands like FormulerVu+ of SAB. Budget boxes from Infomir are also available on our webshop. Are you looking for a small receiver for your bedroom or complete set to bring on vacation?  Electro-sat will help you find what you need.

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What is a HD receiver?

HD receivers are most commonly used to receive cable, terrestrial or satellite channels/signals and translate these signals to your TV. 
Digitale receivers are a great option if you would like to receive TV channels from a foreign country in the country you currently reside in. This can be done with a satellite system or IPTV receiver (TV via internet) . These days HD receivers are also used as a multimedia entertainment device. A good modern receiver has many multimedia options. For example: You can pause, rewind or record “live” TV Please be aware you do need a hard drive to record media on a device. 

Multimedia Possibilities:

Most modern receivers have many diverse multimedia options to effectively make any regular TV into a smart TV. You can download a limitless amount of applications from the google playstore on a digital receiver. This means you can enjoy apps like Youtube, Netflix and much more from the comfort of your couch. 
You can also use Facebook, Twitter and other social media via your receiver. There is also a limitless amount of games you can play, with a modern digital receiver you will never have to be bored again!

Buying a HD receiver:

With almost 20 years of experience in satellite systems, IPTV and digital receivers we have build a extensive library of knowledge and products.
To keep this from getting confusing, we have created a wide array of filter options for our customers to choose from. Please choose one or a few of these options like, image quality, brand and/or operating system to limit your options to receivers meeting your demands.
If you do not exactly know what you are looking for you can always give us a call on: 036 -20 23 023, or mail us at

Populair HD receivers:

We support all brands and products we sell, however we also secretly have favorites among our products! A list of our most reliable brands over the years can be found below: