Our return procedure

Due to a new system our return procedure may temporarily deviate from our normal procedure. We kindly ask you to email the information below to info@electro-sat.nl. Thank you for your understanding.

Pay attention:
Modules, maps and software will not be taken back. Products that are made according to the customers wishes can not be taken back.

1. Send an e-mail to info@electro-sat.nl with the following information:

Email Address:
Telephone Number:
Article Name:
Serial Number:
Invoice Number:
Description of your problem:

What is your return code?

* Code A (Broken on receipt)
* Code B (Repair within warranty)
* Code C (Repair outside warranty)
* Code D (Legal time for reflection)

Please answer the following questions:

* I have tried to install new software.

* I have tried to install a new hard drive.

* I have opened the receiver (the device, not the packaging).

* I checked all cables.


When requesting a return, you automatically agree with the following conditions:

Return procedure
Is your product damaged, do you want to have your product repaired or are you dissatisfied with your purchase?
Fill in the RMA form on this page and follow the steps below.
1. View our general warranty conditions.

2. Fill in the return form completely and truthfully and mail it to info@electro-sat.nl.

3. Send the package prepaid to: Electro-Sat, Repair Department, Vlaardingenstraat 49 1324LB, Almere

Terms and Conditions

1. Unfortunately we can not process incomplete and/or unclear forms. 

2. Homemade RMA forms will not be processed. 

3. You must provide the serial number of the item and not the box. 

4. Received products that have not been applied for or have turned out differently than requested will not be processed.

 5. Attach the RMA confirmation form in the box.

 6. Goods must be undamaged. 

7. Damage caused by inadequate packaging during transport can void the warranty. 

8. At legal reflection period, reduction of values, if the product is put into use. 

9. Business days are valid (send them immediately). 

10. DOA exchange is only possible and applies if the product is 100% in new condition. 

11. With RMA forms out of warranty or without invoice, a minimum of € 25.00 research costs will be charged to the customer. 

     11A. After the research costs you will receive a quotation. Repairs below € 30.00 are made directly without consultation. 

12. If there is still an invoice present, you must send it along with this RMA form. 

13. All products that belong to the RMA, *** box, remote control, adapter, cables, etc. ***

14. Unregistered RMA forms will not be processed. 

15. When the order is revoked, the shipping costs are not reimbursed.