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Looking for the perfect satellite set-top box? The ultimate online television receiver? Electro-sat has the largest assortment with digital receivers. There is a decoder for every wish. For example, we have Ultra HD 4K satellite receivers for the best prices or a Full HD 1080p budget model with the latest software.

All satellite receivers are of course within 1 day. This way you do not have to wait long and you can enjoy your new purchase as quickly as possible. As a webshop we obviously have the Webshop Keurmerk, Electro-sat is not only reliable but also very affordable.

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Buy a cheap satellite receiver and still watch the highest possible quality TV? We provide an extensive range online and we are the cheapest of the Netherlands. You pay a low price for a satellite receiver from one of the top brands. In our offer we combine the tuners based on DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T, IPTV and DVB-S. Browse through the different models to purchase online the satellite receiver you want to use.

Satellite receiver of a top brand

We ensure with the satellite receivers of top brands that you can count on excellent quality in spite of the low price. Consider, for example, Amiko, Dreambox, SAB and VU +. The receivers are of good quality and have attractive additional options. Compare the different recipients online to be able to make a choice at your convenience. For example, look carefully at the type of tuner and the number of tuners of the satellite receiver. On this basis you buy a good receiver online, with which you can watch TV in the highest quality in an advantageous way.

Watching television wih a satellite receiver Televisie

Watching TV with a satellite receiver and wondering about the models that are available? Thanks to the top brands for the lowest prices in Europe, you can easily make a choice online. We take care of the delivery within 24 - 48 hours, because we have the recipients in stock for you. Compare specifications as an internal card reader and for example the operating system. On this basis you make a good choice for a satellite receiver. Thanks to our fast shipping and delivery you can quickly get started with your receiver and watch TV in the highest possible quality.