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  1. Bundel Free-to-Air HD Campingset
    Bundel Free-to-Air HD Campingset
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  2. Camping statief
    Camping statief
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  3. Schotel Electro-sat 65 CM
  4. Schotel Electro-Sat 97 CM
  5. Schotel Triax TD110 CM
  6. Selfsat Vlakantenne H30D2
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  7. Tegelvoet 40x60
  8. Tegelvoet Demonte
  9. U-klem Enkel
  10. U-klem set lang
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Satellite dishes:

A satellite dish or satellite antenna is used to receive your TV signal directly by satellite. Electro-sat has a wide arrangement of competitively priced satellite dishes. We provide our customers with the best brands like Triax, Megasat or our very own brand Electro-Sat. With a satellite dish you have an enormous amount of options in both national and international TV channels. Many of these channels are broadcast at ultra-HD quality (2160p, 4K) These uncoded channels are free to use and can be combined with a subscription on a TV service.
Electro-sat has different classic, round offset satellite dishes that can be used to watch your favorite TV-shows anywhere, anytime. We have satellite dishes of different sizes from 64 cm up to 110 cm in stock ready to be delivered. You can expect TV signal of very high quality and are also able to receive radio or internet with these dishes. Some people do not have the space for a large satellite dish, or would rather not have a large piece of equipment on their roofs. In these cases you could also buy a compact, inconspicuous flat-surface antenna.

You can easily bring this antenna on vacation, it fits in any type of car, caravan or camper. A terrestrial antenne is also an option, and can be ordered in our webshop.

Electro-sat also offers complete sets of brands from Megasat, Redline, Canaldigitaal and Electro-sat. These sets contain a satellite dish, a satellite receiver, LNB, cables, accessoires and sometimes even a SAT-finder. With a satellite bundle from Electro-sat we aim to make setting up a satellite system as easy as possible. You will instantly be ready to watch TV, listen to radio or surf the internet from the comfort of your couch!

More about Satellite dishes:

Satellite dishes are mainly used to receive internet and television signals. With almost 20 years of experience as a retailer of satellite dishes, you have come to the right place to buy a satellite dish. It does not matter if you are looking for a satellite dish for at home, at your company or for holidays, Electro-sat has the right product for you. Is this your first time buying a satellite dish, then we would love to help you pick the right product. Please contact us either by phone or E-mail and we will do our best to assist you in your search.

Our assortment of satellite dishes:

Electro-Sat has a wide variety of satellite dishes. We have our very own brand that is largely based on Triax dishes. We have perfected this satellite dish with our own experience for maximal reception. We also have satellite dish bundles. These bundles are perfect for people who are new to satellite systems or people who want to install a new system. The complete bundles are delivered with an LNB, cables, TV receiver and tripod. This way you do not have to order any other products, just the bundle.

Advice and delivery:

Are you still unclear about some things, we would love to get a chance to help you. You can always stop by one of our shops, call us on: 036 20 23 023 or shoot us an E-mail ( and we will be happy to help you. I final word if caution is that satellite dishes that are larger than 100 cm in diameter cannot be ordered, and have to be picked up at one of our shops. Please be cautious of this when ordering from our website.