CCTV Cameras

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  1. BX-1115W PAL Beveilings Camera
    BX-1115W PAL Beveilings Camera
    was €24.49 Special Price €9.99
  2. Mobicam Pro
  3. MZ-1000 G Beveiligings Camera
    MZ-1000 G Beveiligings Camera
    was €99.00 Special Price €69.00
  4. Nedis Slimme Video Deurbel
  5. POE Injector RJ-45 Balun
  6. Redline Camera DC170
  7. Redline MZ 825 G Beveiligings Camera
    Redline MZ 825 G Beveiligings Camera
    was €65.00 Special Price €49.00
  8. Redline MZ 900 G
    Redline MZ 900 G
    was €72.00 Special Price €59.00
  9. Redline MZ 950 W Beveiligings Camera
    Redline MZ 950 W Beveiligings Camera
    was €79.00 Special Price €59.00
  10. Redline WA-150 Pal
  11. Redline WP 550 G Beveiligings Camera
    Redline WP 550 G Beveiligings Camera
    was €49.00 Special Price €29.00
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35 items

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Security Systems:

Something that is almost always overlooked is a good security system. Far too often, we sell a security system to someone who thought they did not need one. With a good security system, you never have to leave your home or company unattended. Electro-sat sells complete security systems and separate CCTV cameras. Our IP camera’s and camera-sets have night vision, are waterproof and can be tracked 24/7 with a mobile app that will even notify you when it will detect something. Our security systems also include a recorder that can be set to record in different quality and different length. With the security systems from Electro-sat, you can both monitor your security systems from anywhere and review the footage on a later time.

Electro-sat offers cameras from competitive brands in the security sector. HD Line and Redline can provide you with all camera’s, surveillance bundle’s and accessories you could possibly need. CCTV Camera’s from Electro-sat provide sharp images at a high rate of frames per second. No more grainy footage, our cameras can be set to record at 720p most are even capable of recording at 1080p.

Our security bundles include 4 camera’s, a recorder and all other accessories needed to set up your own security system. These security systems can be monitored and reviewed from anywhere at any time. These security systems also have enough room for upgrades. Most systems can be upgraded to support 8 up to 16 cameras. A security system is also surprisingly easy to install and set-up. Just follow the instructions provided with our bundles and most components will be plug and play. This means that no software installation is needed for the camera’s or recorders to function.

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About our security systems:

Do you want to provide your home or company with camera surveillance? Then, you are probably looking for a security bundle. Are you looking to expand upon your current CCTV system? Then, we invite you to look at our security camera’s or recorders. We have security options for all your security needs. We have two fundamentally different cameras. These are dome and bullet cameras. Bullet cameras are the traditional camera’s everybody is used to seeing. They can either be stationary or rotate at a set angle on a set pattern. They are most useful being mounted on vertical walls. The other type of camera is called a dome-camera. These cameras are more compact but generally have lesser image quality. They can be mounted on both vertical walls and ceilings.

Our security products:

Electro-Sat has a wide assortment of security systems. Do you want to set-up a totally new security system? Electro-Sat has various complete security bundles that are easy to install and manage. With a camera bundle, you directly order everything you need to fully secure your company or home. A security system contains: 4x Security cameras (2x bullet cameras, 2x dome cameras), 1x Video Recorder, 1x Mouse, 1x Network cable, 4x Camera Adapter, 4x Camera accessories (Cables, Antennas, assembly materials). With a bundle like this you will not have to buy any additional parts or products to successfully set up your security system. All our security systems are equipped with LED lights that will make sure that surveillance footage is clear even in low light conditions. All cameras are waterproof, and recordings can be monitored/reviewed by phone or tablet from anywhere at any time. It is even possible to get notifications if the camera monitors something unusual.

Advice and delivery:

Are you still unsure about what to buy or do you want additional advice? We would love the opportunity to help you find what you need. Please come by one of our shops and get informed about security systems or other electronics while enjoying a cup of complimentary coffee. You can also send us an E-mail on: or call us on 036 20 23 023.

Popular Cameras and Camera-sets:

We support all our products that you can find in our assortment. However, we secretly have some favourite products that perform well compared to other products when it comes to security. Redline has a wide variety of products and bundles that have proven to be very reliable.